Mary Lock(e) (c. 1798-1857)

Mary Lock(e) was the mother-in-law of Caleb Clark Baldwin and an early convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  She was born about 1798, but it is still unknown where.  She may not have even been sure of it herself, because her LDS church membership records from the 1850s in Provo, Utah’s … Continue reading Mary Lock(e) (c. 1798-1857)



Somercotes (pronounced sum-MUR-kuh-tees)1 is a village in Derbyshire close to the Nottinghamshire border.  When the Clark’s lived there, it was a mining village surrounded by more than five pits.2  According to family stories and his death certificate, James Clark was a coal miner, but the family income was supplemented by opening their home to customers … Continue reading Somercotes