Settlement Examination of George Mountany (1781-1866)

Every place/parish in England was legally obligated to take care of its poor people, and a person was only entitled to financial assistance in the parish where he had legal settlement.  This was typically a person’s place of birth, or if they wanted to move somewhere else, they could obtain legal settlement there after paying … Continue reading Settlement Examination of George Mountany (1781-1866)


Philemon Baldwin: Revolutionary War Veteran

Revolutionary War pension papers can be a wonderful source of information about an ancestor.  My ancestor Philemon Baldwin (1758-1851) applied for a pension from the U.S. government on 20 November 1822 in New London County, Connecticut, based on his military service during the Revolutionary War.  He applied a second time on 19 November 1832, again … Continue reading Philemon Baldwin: Revolutionary War Veteran