Alzheimer’s/Dementia Follow-up

In my Alzheimer’s/Dementia post from 2015, I discussed my great-great grandfather George Clark’s dementia and placement in the Utah State Hospital in 1900.  His admission papers1 mentioned a sister who died in an asylum in Wyoming.  I decided to find her records and hopefully determine if there might be a hereditary component to the dementia. It turned out … Continue reading Alzheimer’s/Dementia Follow-up


The Case of the Stolen Boots

I’m a detective at heart.  I guess you could say that’s why I’m a genealogist.  It combines my love of family and old things with the thrill of the hunt for clues, piecing them together to find answers.  It began early with reading the Nancy Drew mystery series and transitioned to searching through dusty boxes … Continue reading The Case of the Stolen Boots